KEYNOTE: Dr. Greg Wells

Keynotes and Special Events
Friday Feb 16   09:00 AM to 10:30 AM (1 hour 30 minutes)
TELUS Convention Centre - Macleod Hall

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Dr. Greg Wells is an assistant professor in kinesiology at the University of Toronto and an associate scientist of physiology and experimental medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children. At U of T, Dr. Wells studies elite sport performance, and at Sick Kids he leads the Exercise Medicine Research Program where his team explores how to use exercise to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic illnesses in children. Previously, he served as the Director of Sport Science at the Canadian Sport Institute, and taught elite sport coaches at the National Coaching Institute.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wells has coached, trained and inspired dozens of elite athletes to win medals at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympics. He has studied athletic performance in some of the most severe conditions on the planet. And he has personal experience with the challenges and opportunities of adversity and human extremes.

Dr. Wells appears regularly on national television and radio and makes ongoing contributions to newspapers, magazines and scientific journals. He is the betselling author of Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets from the World’s Best Athletes and his latest release, The Ripple Effect: Sleep Better, Eat Better, Move Better, Think Better. 

CTV Sport Science Analyst and Human Physiologist